Direct Deposit

Convenient, secure, and faster than a paper check! Just complete the form give it to your employer with a voided check.

Make Payday Even Better

Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit. With direct deposit, there’s no need to visit a branch or ATM, as your paycheck, retirement check or other recurring income will automatically and securely deposit into your checking or savings account. This saves you time and money.

In most cases, members using direct deposit receive their funds a day or two before paper checks, plus direct deposit is free to Meridia Credit Union members.

To start using Direct Deposit, fill out this form and give it to your employer. If you have any questions, we’re here to help… simply contact us at (716) 648-4411.


  • Convenient: Avoid unnecessary trips to deposit or cash your check. Automatically deposit the day you’re paid, even if you’re out of town.
  • Secure: No need to worry about checks getting lost or stolen.
  • Quick: No waiting for checks to clear – gain access your direct deposit earlier.
  • Easy: Allocate funds to your checking or savings account, and access 24/7 through online & mobile banking, or have transfers or loan payments set up to automatically happen.

“I worked the night shift, and would have to make a separate trip in just to pick up my paycheck on payday. When I switched to direct deposit, it saved me the trip and the extra stop to make the deposit. When I took out a loan to buy a car, part of my loan payment automatically is made with every paycheck, making it one less thing on my to-do list.”

–Tom B.


None. Zilch. Nada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

To set up an automatic deposit using either your employer’s form, or the form found on this page, you will need our Routing Number (222380731) and your Member Number for a Savings deposit, or your 14-digit Micro Number for a Checking deposit.

Can I deposit money into both my savings or checking accounts?

Yes, you can deposit your checks into both accounts simultaneously or deposit into savings or checking. If you are depositing into your Checking Account, you will need to give your employer the 14-digit MICR number for your account. If you are depositing into Savings, you will give your employer your account number. Let us know if you would like to have distributions made to other products such as your loans, Holiday Club, Money Market and more.

What is the Transit Routing Number (ABA) for Meridia?

The Transit Routing Number (ABA) is 222380731.

Are there any costs for participating in direct deposit?

No, it is free to enroll and use direct deposit.

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have any questions, contact us at (716) 648-4411 or

Make payday even better.

Getting started is easy. You can find your Routing Number and Checking Account Number (14 digits) on the bottom of your check book.  If you have any questions, we’re here to help, simply contact us at (716) 648-4411 or