Your employer has an amazing partnership with Meridia to give you all the benefits  a credit union has to offer!

Participating in the Morale Fund is just the first step.

Get your foot in the door  – the door that opens opportunities to get yourself to a better place financially.



  • Online application and direct deposit make building your savings happen without any extra work.
  • Your Meridia Account is your key to the Wende Morale Fund.
  • Joining Meridia Credit Union gives you opportunity now and down the road when you need to build on your account – make it happen with secondary savings accounts and our complete loan portfolio.

Sometimes it take a little nudge to get started. Here’s your nudge! You’ve been given a great opportunity to join a credit union, and Meridia welcomes you! Make the most of your membership by exploring everything we have to offer you. We want you to get to a better place financially, and will Go Beyond the expectation to help you get there.


For Regular Savings Accounts:

Balances $1 and greater most accounts; minimum balance may apply*.0.30%0.30%

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. For Club Accounts, withdrawal fees apply if withdrawals are made prior to the club disbursement date. Minimum Balance is $5.00 for Regular Shares.

Updated May 28, 2024



Interest Rate
Times Compounded / Yr
Total Savings$


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when applying online?

  • When you open the account online, you can choose to have an individual account or add a joint owner.  The application can be completed online or on your phone, and some of your information can be automatically input by taking an image of your Driver’s License.

How much should I Direct Deposit from my payroll?

You will need to have at least $5 deposited to cover the transfer to the Morale Fund. HOWEVER… we suggest you take this opportunity to take advantage of what we offer. Build your emergency savings, set up a Holiday or Summer Savings Account, or finally make the switch to a checking account that works for you.

Your loan rates are great - can I apply for a loan with Meridia?

YES! Once you open your Primary Savings, you are able to take advantage of everything we offer. Apply for any of our consumer loans online at your convenience – we will follow up with anything we need and make the process quick and simple. Our rates are some of the most competitive around – you’ll be surprised how much you can save whether you’re purchasing or refinancing an existing loan.

So how does this all work?

  • Open your account now!
  • Once your account is open, we will send you a completed Direct Deposit Form for you to turn into your payroll department. We suggest more than the $5 transfer for the Morale Fund to build your savings!
  • Take advantage of all Meridia has to offer! Have an auto loan? Check out our low, low rates and refinance with us.

Can I have a joint owner on my account?

Yes you can have a joint member! And if you have children, they can take advantage of our Youth Savings Accounts and have an account of their own.

We’ve only just begun.

Start with growing your savings then find out about all the benefits of Credit Union Membership.