Holiday Club & Summer Savings

Start saving for the holidays so you can enjoy your time with family and friends.

Save for Beautiful Memories

Thoughts of Christmas and summer bring back wonderful memories with family and friends. Yet, these are also the most expensive times of year. That perfect vacation or gift often comes with a heavy price tag. Rather than spend the time worrying about how much money you spent, let’s start saving now. By saving a little bit each week, you can stash enough cash to put your mind at ease and focus on making lasting memories with the people you love.

Before we know it, the holidays sneak up on us – along with all the bills that come along with them. Just when you start to recover, it’s time to plan a summer vacation! How can you keep pace?

Let us introduce our Holiday Savings Accounts and Summer Savings Accounts. Set up a savings schedule a little at a time so you have the money available when you need it. No bills, no high interest credit cards – just the reward of your good decision making life a lot easier.


  • Set aside a little money at a time, and you will be amazed how quickly it adds up!
  • Saving now means no high credit card bills later.

Many of our members love our Holiday and Summer Savings accounts because they know it’s money that is set aside for a purpose–it will be there when they need it, and especially during the holiday season, it helps them stay on budget. Many times, members new to systematic savings get it set up and forget about it, until they are surprised when the distribution is in their checking account and ready to spend!

Additional Information

Summer Savings Disburses
on June 30

On June 30th each year, Summer Savings Account funds are transferred to your checking or savings account. Do you have summers off from work? Summer Savings Accounts are a great way to have extra money when you pay check stops for the summer.

Holiday Savings Disburses
on September 30

On September 30th each year, Holiday Club funds are transferred to your checking or savings account in time to take advantage of the great holiday shopping deals!


No Minimum Balance. Dividends paid quarterly on average daily balances of $10 or more 0.05%0.05%

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Withdrawal fees apply if withdrawals are made prior to the September 30th disbursement date. Minimum Balance is $5.00.

Updated February 24, 2017


Early Withdrawal or Early Closure$10 each
Other fees may apply. Refer to our full fee schedule for further information. Fees could reduce earnings on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I open a Summer Savings Account?

Many of our members are teachers who don’t get regular paychecks during the summer months. By saving a small portion each pay cycle, they build their Summer Savings Account up to supplement their income during their free time in the summer. It’s also a great way to fund a summer vacation without having huge bills afterwards.

Why does the Holiday Savings account disburse at the end of September?

September 30th is the close of the last quarter before the holiday season starts. After quarterly dividends are posted, the funds are put into your checking account (or savings, if you don’t have a checking account with us yet) and ready for your to take advantage of the great shopping deals.

How do I deposit into my Summer Savings or Holiday Savings?

Deposits can be made automatically through payroll or automatic transfers, or  at your convenience through GoOnline or GoMobile. You can also make deposits through a teller.

Can I have direct deposit in to my Holiday or Summer Savings?

Direct Deposit can only go in to your regular Savings or Checking Account. However, once you establish Direct Deposit, we can set up a transfer to coincide with your payroll to build your savings. Your transfers will continue year to year after the disbursements, unless you choose to stop them.

Will my Holiday or Summer Savings Account automatically continue after funds are disbursed each year?

Yes – your Holiday or Summer Account will remain open unless you choose to close it . Your transfers will continue year to year after the disbursements, unless you choose to stop them.

Save for holiday gifts and summer vacations

Spend the holidays making memories, not worrying about your account balances.