A checking account that’s quite extraordinary: everything you want with no fees, no stipulations, no hassles.

Forget Ordinary Checking,
Be Extraordinary.

We truly go above and beyond to give you a checking account that’s far from ordinary. Our accounts have everything you want and need–security, convenience, and simplicity–without the hassles and fees.

Everyone needs a checking account. Yet, many financial institutions make checking a headache by piling on cryptic stipulations and hidden fees. We feel your pain. At Meridia, we believe checking accounts should be straightforward and easy on the wallet. That’s why we go beyond the norm to give you a secure checking account that has all the bells and whistles, but no stipulations, no fees, and no hassles. Pretty awesome, right?


  • Experience Simplicity: No Hassles, No Headaches, No Fees
  • Free VISA Debit Card
  • Free Unlimited Check Writing
  • Free Mobile Deposit
  • Free Online and Mobile Access
  • Surcharge Free ATM Use at Meridia branch ATMs, or through the CU24 ATM Network
  • Free GoAudio Account Access 24/7
  • Overdraft Protection (Free to set up, only pay for overdrafts)
  • No Minimum Deposit or Minimum Balance Required

“My checking account at Meridia basically does all the work for me. Between direct deposit and online bill pay, I just have to check my balances on [the mobile] app, and make sure everything was taken care of.”



Non-Sufficient Funds / Courtesy Pay (ACH & Share Draft)$34.99
Non-Sufficient Funds / Courtesy Pay (Debit & ATM)$29.99
Other fees may apply. Refer to our full fee schedule for further information. Fees could reduce earnings on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I need before I open a Checking Account?

Yes. In order to open a checking account with Meridia, you must first establish membership by opening a Primary Savings Account. If you are already a member with an existing account, you can log into GoOnline and add your checking account. Not yet a member? You’ll need to open a new acount and select both the Primary Savings and Checking account, and any other of our products available online in one convenient application.

Can an automatic deduction come from either a savings or checking account?

Yes. To set up an automatic deduction, you will need our Routing Number (222380731) and your Member Number for a Savings deduction, or your 14-digit Micro Number for a Checking deduction.

What is the Meridia Community Credit Union routing number?

The Meridia routing number (aka ABA number or routing transit number) is 222380731.

Where can I find the routing/transit number on my checks?

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When are statements generated?

Checking account statements are generated monthly at month end (these are combined statements so all accounts under that number print on the statement). Savings (only) accounts generate a quarterly statement at month end.

At what age can I open a checking account?

A checking account can be opened at age 16 with an adult joint owner OR at age 17 ½ without a joint owner required.

Is the checking account free?

Yes. There are no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fees. Members do have to purchase checks if they want to order them.

What is the minimum opening deposit for a checking account?

Our checking account does not require a minimum balance!

Additional information: All of our members at Meridia are required to have a savings account in order to establish membership. The savings account requires a minimum balance of $5. The checking account will be linked to this savings account.

Do you offer an interest-bearing checking account?

Yes. Our Checking Plus account is interest bearing on balances of $10,000 or greater. Dividends are paid monthly.

Can I have a Debit card?

Yes, pending approval of your Debit Card application. With a checking account you are able to apply for a debit card to use for ATM withdrawals and to make purchases anywhere VISA is accepted.

Can I set up direct deposit?

Yes. To set up an automatic deposit, you will need our Routing Number (222380731) and your Member Number for a Savings deposit, or your 14-digit Micro Number for a Checking deposit.

Do you offer Overdraft Protection?

Yes we do! Learn more…

Do you offer online banking?

Yes. Our online banking service is called GoOnline and a mobile app called GoMobile. If you have a smartphone, download our app through the Apple Store or Google Play for easy access!

Note that you need to be registered for GoOnline in order to use GoMobile.

How can I deposit a check?

  • By visiting a teller at your local branch.
  • By mailing the check to:
    • Meridia Community Credit Union,
      4500 Southwestern Blvd, Hamburg, NY 14075

How do I retrieve my checking account activity?

You can retrieve your activity in any of the following ways:

Is there a daily limit with the Debit card?

At an ATM you can make a daily cash withdrawal of up to $500 or an amount equal to your available account balance, whichever is less.

Merchant transactions have a daily limit of $5,000 or an amount equal to your available account balance, whichever is less.

How do I order checks for the first time?

The first order through Meridia must be placed with a Meridia representative. This can be done by visiting your local branch or by calling 716-648- 4411 or toll free at (866) 951-8300 to speak to a representative.

How do I re-order checks?

You can reorder checks any of the following ways:

Checking that Goes Beyond Expectations

We do checking accounts the way they should be done: simple and secure. Get everything you want from a checking account without the hassles and fees.