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Shared branching is yet another example of credit union membership offering the best of both worlds—individualized attention and nationwide availability.  The cooperative spirit of credit unions allows them to work with each other in ways that competing banks typically do not.

At more than 5,400 CO-OP Shared Branch locations in all 50 states, you can conduct transactions just like you would at your home credit union. That’s because Meridia is now part of the CO-OP Shared Branch network. Simply look for the CO-OP Shared Branch and CO-OP Shared Branch express logos. Finding the nearest branch or self-service location is easy with locator tools that include phone, mobile app and online through our website.


What can be done at a Shared Branch Location?

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Account Inquiries
  • Print Account Inquiry Statement (up to 30 days’ history)
  • Transfers (within one or more credit union accounts)
  • Loan Payments

Many shared branches offer other services in addition to what’s above. Since services vary from one location to another, check with those branches for a complete menu of available services.

Personalized service is a major benefit of what Meridia offers, and you don’t have to sacrifice convenience to get it. Taking advantage of shared branching means access to your account at participating branches nationwide.

CO-OP Disclosures

For members of other credit unions using Meridia for Shared Branch transactions, this Disclosure explains Meridia’s policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CO-OP Shared Branch Network?

The Shared Branch Network is a national network of credit unions that allows you to perform teller transactions at participating credit union locations – just as if you are at Meridia Branch.

Is there a fee?

The availability of ancillary services and corresponding fees are determined by each participating credit union. Meridia will offer and charge for the following ancillary services for guest members of Meridia:

  • Official Check Withdrawal (payable to a third party) – $1 each
  • Money Orders – $1 each

What type of Transactions can be done?

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Account Inquiries
  • Print Statements
  • Transfers (within one or more credit union accounts)
  • Loan Payments

Other services may be available as determined by the credit union servicing you.

What do I need to perform a transaction at a Shared Branch location?

You will need to complete a slip and must provide the teller with your name, the name of your credit union, your account number, and valid, government-issued photo ID. In addition to the ID, tellers may verify your complete address, your date of birth, or other information for verification of identity (for your own protection).

Will I see the transaction real-time in my Meridia Account after using a shared branch location?

Yes! Transaction show up real-time and you will be able to view the transaction on GoMobile or GoOnline immediately.

Are there cash withdrawal or cash deposit limitations at shared branch locations?

There are no cash depositing limitations at ANY shared branch service center. Cash withdrawal limitations are set at the shared branch centers discretion. Meridia will have a $2,500 cash withdrawal limitation to ensure adequate cash supplies to serve our members for transactions performed at a Meridia Branch for members of other credit unions. We suggest you contact the location where you wish to make a withdrawal for specific details.

How will holds be placed on deposits made at shared branch locations?

Items available for immediate cash availability include cash, treasury checks, state/government checks, postal money orders, Federal Reserve checks, and payroll checks under $2,500. All other checks will receive holds, regardless of their dollar amount. Holds will match Meridia’s existing Funds Availability policy. Since each credit union’s Funds Availability policy is different, guest members processing transactions at Meridia need to check with their credit union for any check hold questions.

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