High School

Hamburg High School Students
have an awesome opportunity
to get a head start through our
branch at Hamburg High School!

Learning to manage money is an essential life skill.

Letting students manage money at an early age helps them understand saving and spending, so they can make better decisions when they venture out on their own. We give students a head start on the path to financial freedom by showing them the pathway now while they’re still at home.

Opening a Hamburg High School Student account is as easy as them stopping in the school branch during their lunch period! They need to bring their current year School ID (or driver’s permit or license) and social security card. A deposit of $5 or more is required to establish membership.


  • Teach How to Save. Having their own account makes it easy to explain “some for now, some for later.”
  • Teach Financial Responsibility that just because you have money doesn’t mean you should spend it all!
  • See your Money Grow Faster. With the convenience of the CU@School Program, kids can make their deposits each week – and no amount is too big or too small! Regular savings builds up over time and creates good habits!
  • Meridia offers an extra $5 Birthday Deposit when kids make a deposit of $25 or more during their birth month, right through their 17th birthday!

Most people look back at what they remember about banking as a child, and what stands out is the candy they got when they went to the bank with their parent. Our deal is a little sweeter. We love seeing an 8 year old come in to make a deposit after their birthday, or a super successful lemonade stand sale. They hand the teller their own membership card, keep their receipt and are proud of what is theirs. Even better is when they are teenagers and they are prepared to go to buy something at the mall, a prom dress, or their first car. They are ahead of the game because they learned early.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student open an acocunt, and what should we expect when applying online?

  • An account for a student of Hamburg High School can be opened in the School Branch during 5th, 6th or 7th period.  The applicant needs to have their School ID or a Driver’s Permit or License, Social Security Card and a deposit of $5 or more.  The application will be completed in the branch electronically.
  • You will upload a photo of the document(s) requested, which  include the student’s social security card and the School ID or driver’s permit/ license. Once received, we will complete the application and the receipt for the deposit to the account will be emailed to the student’s email address provided.
  • After the account is finalized, the student can pick up their Member ID card in the School Branch the next school day.
  • WANT TO OPEN THE ACCOUNT FROM HOME? Click the apply now button, select “School Branch Account”, and follow the prompts to add the applicant. You will need to select the Savings Account as an account type, and upload photos of the student’s Social Security Card and School ID or Driver’s Permit/License.

Why open an account at Meridia?

Our CU@HighSchool Program offers the benefits of teaching your high school student responsibility and good savings habits right at school! They have the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals and get used to knowing limits of spending only what they have in the account. Better yet, if they forget money for a field trip, lunch, or just need something after school, they can stop into the branch and take care of things themselves.

We also offer many perks to our youth members that make saving  rewarding, such as the birthday deposit for account holders to to age 18. Meridia members are eligible to apply for our College Scholarship in their senior year of high school which is three scholarship applications in one! Our application also makes the student eligible for the New York Credit Union Association scholarships at a state and chapter level.

Can my child open an account on their own?

We will allow a student with photo identification and social security card to open a savings account on their own. Certain products, such as Checking, may require a parent to be joint on the account based on the student’s age.

Meridia looks like a great fit for me, too. Can I open an account as well?

YES!!  We are happy to be your first choice for financial services! You can open an account with Meridia  either online or stop into one of our branches during lobby hours.

You will find we really do Go Beyond – from our convenient online and mobile access to our extended teller hours (7am to 7pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday), to our Free Checking Account with our uChoose Rewards Debit Card – we have everything you need, all under one blue roof!

  • Please note if a teller/supervisor won't be available in an upcoming day, if there is a day off from school coming up, or anything we need to know about. Include if you are low on any bills.
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Help Your Kids Learn to Save

A Youth Savings account teaches kids how to save money and prepares them for financial success when they’re out of the house.